Tạp chí Black metal: Helvete số 3


Tạp chí truy cập mở Helvete vừa phát hành số thứ 3 vào mùa đông 2016 với tựa đề: Bleeding Black Noise.

The third issue of Helvete, “Bleeding Black Noise,” features artwork and essays that focus on the sonic aspects of Black Metal, specifically its interactions with Noise — the interruptions, creations, and destructions of signals. “Bleeding Black Noise” is a revision of Steven Parrino’s statement, “My relation between Rock and visual art: I will bleed for you.” In this issue, Rock is replaced with Noise, and Bleeding is celebrated as a release of the Black Noise — raw energy and formless potential. The essays and art portfolios included here experiment with sonic and conceptual feedback, as well as the way that black noise works through feedback as a process, resonating as background hums or drones, and cascading in foregrounded screams. Source

Số lần này có các bài đáng lưu ý sau:

Black-noise: The throb of the Anthropocence

Dead body of a performance

Vocal distortion



Leaving the self behind

Excerpts from ‘ Z \ W \ A \ R \ T \24’ AND Z\W\A\R\T magazine 5

False atonality, True non-totality

Nonevent: Grostesque indexicality, black site, and the cryptology of the sonorous irreflective in T.O.M.B

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