Hội thảo Metal: Somewhere in Time: A Conference on Metal and History

Thời gian: Fri, Aug 23, 20194:00 PM  Sun, Aug 25, 20195:00 PM

Địa điểm: Đại học Victoria (bản đồ)

From metalstudies.org:

Metal Studies and the Heavy Metal UVic Student Society’s Third Annual

Conference on Metal Studies

While some might think of metal culture as an independent phenomenon, uninfluenced by the surrounding culture in which it emerges and flourishes, it has always been deeply connected to history. Black Sabbath and Judas Priest gave voice to the frustration of life in the impoverished regions of Birmingham, just as Genocidio’s material was an outlet for social and political unrest in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Political events, economic trends, and environmental issues have often impacted the way musicians create and present their material. ”Somewhere in Time” sets out to investigate and explore the many varied connections between metal and history.

We welcome papers and panels showcasing research from a variety of disciplines and approaches. Topics may include but are not limited to:

• The history of metal or specific subgenres.

• The place of metal in a broader history of music.

• The historical contexts shaping the emergence of metal.

• Global connections between metal and history.

• Current events and metal.

• The use of historical material (real or imagined) as inspiration for metal.

• Metal as a vehicle for biographical expression.

• Controversies connected to interpretations of metal’s history.

Students, Early Career and independent scholars are encouraged to

submit abstracts.

Deadline for submissions January 31st, 2019. Notification of acceptance by March 31st.


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